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La nostra azienda

KRISTY è un azienda nata nel 2008.
la MISSION  è di inserirsi in un mercato altamente competitivo portando nuove idee 
KRISTY punta sull'offerta di un prodotto di altissima qualità totalmente prodotto e lavorato in ITALIA 
KRISTY offre ua vasta gamma di prodotti che variano dal classico al moderno 
per una clientela di ogni età


  • KRISTY Srl
    via Volturno 3
    50019 Osmannoro (Firenze)
  • +39 055318689
  • +39 3668737355
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  • Partita IVA 06596190485

Alcune testimonianze dei nostri clienti

Need to try to get lower shipping cost.

Gaylon Harden | Gaylon Harden | United States

I had a bad experience from beginning to end! I made an order, then was told that many items listed on my order were not available. The company wanted me to pay without even informing me which colors/style of items were available. They did not communicate about payment methods, then yelled at me through email about a PayPal fee. When items arrived, many were damaged and some were the incorrect item.

Delilah Darden | Vintalia | United States

The service was extremely bad. Colors shown on the website and are always unavailable after you have made payment. Information of the website is misleading. I am still waiting for a refund, it’s almost three weeks

Nonkululeko Glenrose | Distinctive Divinity Styles | South Africa

Several products have been damaged and one was send in wrong color. I inform seller about this and send pictures. An answer I got after 6 weeks and different emails I sent them. The seller refuses to refund of products and want me to send the damaged and wrong products back on my own cost. Products are not the best quality. The damaged products have destroyed zips and deformed parts. Further they offer products they don’t have. I was looking for other products and made a new order but the seller did not want to sell that over ItalianModa Mall, and so I can not rate the products here. I would never buy again by this seller!

Kerstin Burgen | Bitchin' Blue | Germany

There was an item missing and you have charged me for it. Please give me a refund as soon as possible. 5916G in white was missing.

Ganiat Durojaiye | Ganiat Durojaiye | United Kingdom

I didn't get the exact item I ordered but I am satisfied with all I have received


I placed an order ang paid in full on january 20th 2020 order # 2001201704471 and have not received the murchandise, I need to know when will i receive the bags

jose aroldo siqueira | mgm | Brazil

the quality of the product is excellent. you need to improve on your turnaround time to dispatch orders

Nonkululeko Glenrose | Distinctive Divinity Styles | South Africa

The quality of your product is very good. The only challenge is the language barrier and the delay in responding

Nonkululeko Glenrose | Distinctive Divinity Styles | South Africa

I am very happy with the quality of my items and speed of delivery. I will be ordering more!

Kim Stempien | frisqie | United States

Lorsque les produits ne sont pas disponibles il serait bien qu'ils ne soient pas facturés et que l'on nous demande de payer que les articles en stock. Néanmoins satisfait par la marchandise

Emilie Allard | Sarl nomeo Lattitude Cuir | France

I absolutely Love all the bags I have received. Customer service is amazing- Response time to emails- are so fast! Shipping is quick. Looking forward to working with you again

penny buscaglia | accessories for u | United States

This was my first purchase with KristyX very pleased with the items that I purchased; however, was a little disappointed that the website is not up to date with the inventory and quantity of the products. Will like to purchase more items from this website. Would like to be notified when new items come in, please let me know how.

Kathy Tolson | Kharisma Styles | United States

Some of the items listed online was not actually in stock. Website should match physical inventory

Darrell Fletcher | Paul Brown Clothing | United States

Disappointed that this company takes money from your account then checks to see if they have the stock!!!! Then fails to credit the right amount and still charges VAT even after sending on VAT number. Won't reorder from this company.

Maureen Mather | Mrs | United Kingdom

servizio ottimo e qualità dei prodotti eccellente

Joanna Lois Albesa | Joanna Lois Albesa | Italy

Everything it´s ok. Could you send me the invoice please?

Lina Costa | Estribo | Portugal